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This document will outline the API and the high-level requirements of completing a custom Zip API integration as a payment gateway for a merchant's website in** North America**.

## Quick Start

Simply complete each of the below steps to begin accepting Zip payments.

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### Alternative channels for accepting payments


Zip also offers a variety of alternative payment channels to accept Zip payments:

  • [eCommerce plugins](🔗) : Use our plugins to accept payments on leading technology platforms!

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## Gateway API

The [API Endpoint Documentation](🔗) references our well-supported Gateway API that is used for custom integrations.

The Gateway API was built with additional resiliency and scalability in mind. Implementations with the Gateway have the following features:

  • Zip will make a server-side webhook callback API request to the merchant's platform to confirm the success/failure of all operations, such as order authorizations, refunds, captures, and voids. This removes the need to poll for order processing updates from Zip.

  • The merchant will receive data on callbacks and user redirects to create the order in their system with all the data needed instead of multiple subsequent calls to Zip's API.

  • Requests to the Zip gateway API must contain a header with a signature to secure requests. This implementation results in less API calls to authenticate from our identity provider and no need for the merchant to manage credential caching.

  • Support for deferred order confirmation.

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