Once you have created a customer token you can then get the customer account_id (required to place charges) by either directly calling the Zip /accounts endpoint or passing your access_token back to the Zip frontend JS where the JS API / widgets can gather this data.

Useful notes

  • Customers may want to change their account being charged after the initial token creation and setup. The Zip JS handles the UI for customers to do this at checkout in the client frontend.
  • If building your own UI for customers to change their chosen account, you will need to call this endpoint from your server side to then pass the available accounts back to the frontend for the customer to choose.
  • accounts ARRAY

    List of customer accounts and details.

    • accounts[x].id STRING

      Account Identifier to be used in /charges calls or to be stored as the customers chosen account preference id.

    • accounts[x].product_name STRING

      Type of Zip account.

    • accounts[x].status STRING

      Status of a customers account.

    • accounts[x].available_balance STRING

      Customers real-time account balance available to spend

  • preferred_account_id STRING

    The account id chosen on the Zip side as the customers default.