The first API call you will make in processing a zip payment is a call to our /checkouts endpoint. This request is made once a customer chooses to use zip as their payment method at checkout and will contain all order and customer information. The zip API will then provide a response that includes a redirect url, allowing you to point the customer to the Zip checkout flow where they will complete their application or log in to their zip account to confirm the payment.



If you wish to store a permentant customer account token for offline or recurring charges, you must pass the feature flag for tokenisation as true in your /checkouts request.

If you wish to store a token outside of checkout, you must pass the order amount as $0 in order to trigger the linking only flow, changing the customer UI to a shorter flow just for approving account linking.

Idempotency Functionality

The Zip /checkouts API will return an idempotent response for any checkout request that contains the same order.ammount and order.reference values.


If an attempted order is cancelled for any reason and then initiated again with the same values in the order.reference and order.amount as the previous attempt.

The Zip /checkouts API will return the same checkout as the previous call.

The Checkouts Response
  • id STRING

    unique Checkout identifier. This value will be used throughout the integration flow to complete the payment authorisation.

  • uri STRING

    URL where customers will be redirected to complete the payment authorisation.

  • type STRING

    checkout type standard or express . Default value is standard.

  • created STRING

    The date on which the checkouts was created.

  • state STRING

    Checkout status created approved completed expired

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