A server side /charges call is required to place the transaction once you have obtained a customer token and the customer has chosen to proceed with payment.

Useful notes

  • The customer account_id can either be obtained by making an /accounts API call server side using your access_token OR fro the frontend JS widget if you have passed an access_code back to the front-end.
The Charges Response
  • amount DOUBLE

    Amount of this charge. This is the amount that will be transferred (if capture=true) from customer to merchant account or ring-fenced if capture=false.

  • captured_amount DOUBLE

    Total amount captured for this charge.

  • created_date STRING

    The date on which the charge was created

  • currency STRING

    Transaction currency.

  • id STRING

    Transaction ID

  • product STRING

    Zip product name

  • receipt_number STRING

    Transactoin receipt number

  • refunded_amount DOUBLE

    Total amount refunded for this charge

  • state STRING

    A successful state of the charge is approved captured or authorised(For deferred payments)

    Ensure your system accepts approved captured or authorised as valid responses