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Before and during the implementation of your [API calls and Payment Flows](🔗), you will require some test customer accounts on hand.

These details will allow you to:

  • Generate a customer in-store 6-digit pin / barcode using the Zip mobile web login

  • Force the various possible customer application results (approval / decline / cancel)

  • Test the end to end flow of orders

Test transactions

Purchases completed in the test environment are **not** processed by our production system and will only generate **dummy** invoices, transactions and fees.

Unique test email addresses required

For the email address you will need to use a different email address for each account you want to create or test. You can use a temporary email provider like mailinator.com or sharklasers.com for this.

## Test accounts

Use the following details to register a new account:

When a customer creates a Zip account, they will either be creating a:

  • [Zip Pay Customer Application](🔗) - Accounts $1000 or less.

  • [Zip Money Customer Application](🔗) - Accounts $1000 or more.

Using the above links you can trigger the test application flow for each, and using the below details you can force the various application results.

See a first hand demonstration of account creation [here](🔗)

#### Automatic Approval

  • Last name: APPROVETEST

  • Drivers license: 1111111111

#### Automatic Decline

  • Last name: DECLINETEST

  • Drivers license: 3333333333

#### Automatic Referral

  • Last name: REFERTEST

  • Drivers license: 2222222222

    For a referral test, you will need one of our team to approve or decline the application for you to test this scenario. Please email [[email protected]](🔗) to complete this.

#### For the online banking step

  • Select "Bank of Statements"</br>

  • Username: 12345678</br>

  • Password: TestMyMoney</br>

#### Mobile phone verification

  • For the mobile phone enter:<br>

  • Number = 0400000000 <br>

  • Sms code = 123456</br>

#### Credit Card Details

  • Card Number: 4726780000001232<br>

  • Expiry: any month/year in future

  • CCV: 123



Payment flow

Now that everything is in place to begin, its time to determine the right [payment flow](🔗) for your business.