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This page will guide you through setting up your Zip account to begin your integration with the In-Store REST API.

Upon completion, you will be ready to begin your development.

## Request a test account

You can request a Zip test merchant account by reaching out to our team at [[email protected]](🔗)

A Zip test account will provide you with sandbox API credentials, allowing you to begin interacting with the in-store API.

## Test connectivity

To verify that your account is working correctly, let's make a test purchase request for $10 AUD.

  1. Encode your API key

  1. In the code below, replace YOUR_ENCODED_API_KEY with your base 64 encoded sandbox API key

  2. AND, replace TEST_STORE_LOCATION_ID with your sandbox location ID provided by Zip

  3. Copy the resulting code into your command line, and run the command.


If your account is set up correctly, you will receive a JSON response containing the below message:

This is as expected, as we have not yet included a valid Zip customer barcode!



Test as you go

To generate a valid customer barcode, start by creating some [test customer accounts](🔗) to aid you in development