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This section details the configuration of a zip merchant on a web hosting platform (whether cloud-based or self-hosted).

Platform Integrations Only

This is only relevant to channel partners of Zip, who will onboard multiple partners through their Zip integration.

## Configuration screen

The merchant must be able to navigate to a zip payment method setup page on the web hosting platform.

### Environment and API key

The two main parameters the merchant must be able to configure (ie; is required) are the API Key (allows the system to perform balance affecting transactions like payments and refunds) and the Environment (Test/Sandbox or Live/Production)



### Capture method

Support must be provided for both the 'Immediate' and 'Auth and Capture' payment flows. This should be configurable via a dropdown box in the configuration screen.





Error handling

Finally, [error handling](🔗) is the last step before your integration is complete.