## POST /checkouts

A /checkouts request signifies a new transaction via zip. It allows you to initiate a purchase transaction and obtain the URL you need to generate the QR code that should be displayed on the terminal.

**API Endpoint:** **Sandbox: **https://api.sand.au.edge.zip.co/checkouts **Production: **https://api.prod.au.edge.zip.co/checkouts

## Sample API Request

## Partner Identifier

Partner Identifier

This field is mandatory for channel partners (generally with possibly large numbers of merchants using the same integration).

As a part of all in-store channel partner certifications, Zip require a piece of metadata to be sent in all requests that identifies the 'Platform' that is processing a transaction.

This is simply passed in all POST /checkouts requests inside the payload within the 'metadata' object.

Below is an isolated example: