This endpoint can be used to poll for change to the purchase request status while awaiting for the Approved/Declined response. You will only need to use this endpoint in the event that the merchant setup requires a user confirmation step and a 'Pending' state is returned from the 'create purchase request' response. The state can transition to one of the following statuses based on user/system actions:
  • Pending: Awaiting for the user to approve or cancel the purchase request
  • Approved: The customers funds have been captured
  • Cancelled:The user has decided to cancel the transaction
  • Declined: The user was declined from performing the transaction by Zip
  • Expired: The purchase request has expired and can no longer be used
  "id": 155216,
  "locationId": 5070,
  "refCode": "1OA3A012271",
  "status": "Pending",
  "reason": null,
  "receipt_number": 155216