API Specification

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API Specification


Below is a list of endpoints for API in both Sandbox and Production environments:


Sandbox: https://sandbox.zip.co/nz/api

Production: https://zip.co/nz/api


The Zip Merchant API uses a secure token to identify and authorise merchants. In order to use the API, you will first need to register as a Zip partner.

Once registered, a set of client credentials will be provided.

Using the client credentials, use the token endpoint to generate a secure token - this must be provided in the Authorization header for all requests.

AuthorizationBearer {Token}Yes
Idempotency-KeystringWhere applicable

  • The Authorization header is where you will pass your token. Details on how to generate a token are outlined in this Authentication section

  • The Content-Type entity header is used to indicate the media type of the resource

  • The Idempotency-Key is a unique random string for each request. If a request times out or provides invalid response you can attempt to repeat exact same request with same idempotency key to avoid any duplication

Method Overview

The following list of API methods are those that are part of the standard transaction flow:

Create an orderPOST/order
Capture a charge (auth flow only)POST/order/{orderId}/capture
Void a charge (auth flow only)POST/order/{orderId}/void
Query an orderGET/order/{orderId}

The orderId is returned when creating an order - this must then be passed for the other methods


Postman Collection

You can test each of the API calls using the Postman Collection below:

Download Collection + Environment