The checkout experience

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Web checkout API

The checkout experience

Give your shoppers the option to pay with Zip on your web platform with our web checkout solution.

For all Zip API integrations, the customer is redirected to Zip to sign up or sign in and approve the order. This experience will differ very slightly across supported regions, though the technical API flow does not.

The region your customer is directed to will be based upon the currency passed at checkout.

Additionally, if a customer is new to Zip, they will have the option to sign up for an account. There are 3 required use-cases that together can handle all new or existing customer scenarios:

  • Approval flow
  • Declined flow
  • Referred flow - (only for new AU accounts with a limit > $1000)

Approval flow

This flow applies to both existing customers and newly approved customers alike. Nothing differs from these 2 scenarios from a technical integration perspective, they will appear to your systems as the same simple Approved checkout.

Australian checkout experience

alt text

US/CAN Checkout Experience

alt text

Handling an Approved response

As detailed in API calls and Payment Flows, once receiving an approved response, you should then complete the transaction by Creating a Charge .

Declined flow

This flow only applies to new customer applications where the customer has been determined ineligible for a Zip account.

Handling a declined response

If a customer has been declined, you should return the customer the payments page and offer them an alternative payment option.

Referred flow


AU Applications only

The result is only applicable to AU Zip applications.

Handling a referred response

A Referred result should be treated in the same way as a decline, sending the customer back to the checkout to choose an alternative payment option until their account is Approved.

What is a referred result?

This is an uncommon result applicable only to a small number of:

  • New customer applications
  • AU currency
  • Application for > $1000

If all of thew above are true, there is a small chance our automated decisioning will not suffice to immediately Approve a customer application.

In the case of a referred scenario, your customers application is pending manual review from our underwriting team. Customers will receive an email response in around 10 minutes during the following times:

  • 9am-9pm (AEST / AEDT) Monday to Friday
  • 9am-6pm (AEST / AEDT) Saturday and Sunday
  • Outside of these times, customers will receive a response the next day


Begin Development

If you have chosen your Payment Flow, you can now start your Checkout Development