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Australian web virtual checkout

Give your shoppers the option to with Zip seamlessly without a full integration.

This implementation does not require any backend integration. With a few lines of JavaScript, you can accept installment payments in your checkout in less than an hour!

It is easy to get started. First, you will need to add our script for the correct environment to your page. Then, you have two ways you can implement the virtual checkout:

  • Using the virtual checkout API or using our Zip button.
  • The Zip button is a turnkey solution that is easiest to work with, but the JavaScript API integration makes it easier to customize your integration. They are both fully supported and our button is actually built on top of the same API!

In both approaches, you only need to do 2 things:

  1. Set a success callback handler that accepts the virtual card details and uses them as the payment method in your system.
  2. Allow the customer to open a checkout (either by using the API or rendering the Zip button).


Browser Support

Note that our library supports all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 11 and the Facebook in-app browser.


Begin your Development

Having understood the various payment flows, take a look at the customer checkout experience when using virtual checkout.