Test and go live

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Login with Zip

Give your shoppers the option to Login to your website using Zip and pay seamlessly.

Zip has designed its live and test environments to function as similarly as possible to one another. Flipping the switch is just a matter of swapping your API keys and API endpoints.

Go live checklist

Please ensure you have completed each of the following items before launch:

  1. Enable Zip web assets following our best practices to let customers know Zip is available in your store.
  2. Ensure you have covered Zip's edge case and error handling requirements
  3. Provide the Zip team a link to your test site for Certification and obtain production API keys
  4. Flick the switch!


Live testing

Zip do not support test transactions in our live environment. All functional AND end-to-end testing should be completed prior to launch using the Zip sandbox environment.