Getting started

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Lightweight VCN

Give your shoppers the option to with Zip seamlessly without a full integration.

Using the Zip Virtual Checkout JavaScript solution, merchants can offer the Zip payment option routing transactions through their existing credit card form in the checkout.

Zip generates a unique virtual Visa card for every true transaction and injects the card number into your existing credit card form making the Zip integration a front-end only integration.

The virtual integration bypasses the need to make modifications to your order management system – charges, returns and refunds processed as Zip orders will appear like any other credit card order in your system. You can tokenize the virtual Visa card and interact with it just like you would with any regular debit or credit card. You get paid in full, and your customers will be able to buy now, pay later.

How it works

During checkout, Zip dynamically issues a multi-use virtual card for each customer purchase. These are standard Visa credit cards, which are entered into your existing credit card checkout forms and processed by your existing payment gateway. As you are not adding a new tender type or payment gateway, your backend systems for order management, fulfillment and customer service remain untouched.

Quick Start

Simply complete each of the below steps to begin accepting Zip payments