Getting Started

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Using Zip in-store

Give your shoppers the option to pay with Zip in-store with our point-of-sale API.

Why integrate Zip into your POS system?

We support integrations with many Point of Sale systems. By integrating Zip directly with your Point of Sale system it will be easier to manage your Zip instore orders and reconcile at the end of the day.

An additional benefit is that you will be able to accept payments from customers by scanning the barcode found in their wallet instead of inputting the 6 digit payment code. This is easier and quicker for your staff and for customers.

How to get started?

To begin you will need to make sure Zip has been enabled on your POS system by your provider.
Once you can see Zip as a configurable payment tender you will be able to continue with your setup.


Not all systems are the same, some will require special installation of the Zip extension. Please reach out to your provider to ensure this has been done

Once you know that Zip is available on your system you will need to configure the Zip payment tender with your gateway provider credentials and you Zip integration details.


What keys do I use? 🔑

Log in to your Zip merchant dashboard to locate your keys

  • Private key (in-store key)
  • Location ID

Note: If you have multiple stores, each branch will have it's own Zip specific Location ID.

What POS platforms are supported?


If you can't find your platform in the table below, please see our full list of supported platforms or reach out to [email protected] to find out if we have a supported solution for you.