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Accept Zip payment on you Vend software following this configuration steps.

Locate Your Zip Merchant Credentials


What keys do I use? πŸ”‘

Log in to your Zip merchant dashboard to locate your keys

  • In-store key
  • Location ID

Setup Zip Payment Type

Follow these steps to enable Zip on your Vend store

  1. Navigate to Setup > Payment Types

  2. Select "Add Payment Method"

  1. Choose "Other Provider"

  1. Input name as "Zip"

  2. Input Gateway URL as




please input the vend gateway URL carefully:

  1. Save Payment Type

Configure Zip Payment Type


Now that Zip has been added as a tender you can move onto configuring Zip with your specific merchant keys

  1. Navigate to Sell and bein a test transaction.

  2. When you get to the payment options you will now see Zip as a payment type. Select to pay with Zip and you will be prompted to input your Location ID & In-Store Private Key

  1. Once you have configured Zip, you will be prompted for the 6 Digit In-Store Code. You can close this pop-up as your integration is now complete.


If you have a Zip account you can test your integration with a 6 digit in-store code from the Zip app. Or alternatively, contact Partner Support: 1300 947 729 who can provide you with an in-store code and test your integration.

Processing a Zip transaction


Processing a sale with Zip on your Vend Store

See video below to see how to process a Zip transaction on Vend