Before going live the Zip team must certify your integration. This process will generally take around 48 hours for initial feedback and time should be allowed for additional development if required.

Below is a list of the use-cases required to be demonstrated and provided to Zip via screen recording / video.

Upon completion, Zip will provide confirmation you are cleared for go live, along with your production accounts and API credentials.


Payment success


  • Purchase using Zip
  • Split purchase using Zip and another payment type
  • Refund by order lookup / non order lookup
  • Partial refund by order lookup / none order lookup
  • Receipt printed with Zip reference

Payment failure


  • Customer provides invalid Zip shop in-store code
  • Customer does not confirm on their device (expired)
  • Customer cancels on their device
  • Customer has insufficient funds in their account (declined)
  • Refund attempted for more than original sale value (commonly this is systematically blocked from being possible on the POS)
  • POS software fails / freezes / is manually force quit or shutdown AFTER payment has been triggered, but BEFORE the customer has confirmed or cancelled on their device. The customer confirmation should be clicked AFTER POS has failed.




  • API credential config screen