Test user accounts

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In-Store API

Give your shoppers the option to pay with Zip in-store with our point-of-sale API.

Before and during the implementation of your API calls and Payment Flows, you will require some test customer accounts on hand.

These details will allow you to:

  • Generate a customer in-store 6-digit pin / barcode using the Zip mobile web login
  • Force the various possible customer application results (approval / decline / cancel)
  • Test the end to end flow of orders


Test transactions

Purchases completed in the test environment are not processed by our production system and will only generate dummy invoices, transactions and fees.


Unique test email addresses required

For the email address you will need to use a different email address for each account you want to create or test. You can use a temporary email provider like mailinator.com or sharklasers.com for this.

Test accounts

Use the following details to register a new account:

When a customer creates a Zip account, they will either be creating a:

Using the above links you can trigger the test application flow for each, and using the below details you can force the various application results.

See a first hand demonstration of account creation here

Automatic Approval

  • Last name: APPROVETEST
  • Drivers license: 1111111111

Automatic Decline

  • Last name: DECLINETEST
  • Drivers license: 3333333333

Automatic Referral

  • Last name: REFERTEST
  • Drivers license: 2222222222

    For a referral test, you will need one of our team to approve or decline the application for you to test this scenario. Please email [email protected] to complete this.

For the online banking step

  • Select "Bank of Statements"
  • Username: 12345678
  • Password: TestMyMoney

Mobile phone verification

  • For the mobile phone enter:
  • Number = 0400000000
  • Sms code = 123456

Credit Card Details

  • Card Number: 4726780000001232
  • Expiry: any month/year in future
  • CCV: 123


Payment flow

Now that everything is in place to begin, its time to determine the right payment flow for your business.