Defer Order Confirmation

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Defer Order Confirmation

Merchants using the Standard Checkout with the mobile SDK will allow customers to use the Zip checkout without starting an order until this API call is made by the merchant. This same feature can be leveraged for standard online checkouts as well. The payment plan for the customer will not begin until a successful callback is received by the merchant for this operation. This operation does allow merchants to add shipping/taxes after the Zip checkout for the order. This will be processed with the currency of the original order. This functionality is enabled upon request. Please work with the integration team during onboarding if this is needed in your implementation. Required fields are:

  • orderId - Zip order ID to confirm
  • merchantReference - An identifier in your system to reference this confirm transaction
  • callbackUrl - A URL that will receive the webhook request about the result of this operation

Optionally, you can provide the following:

  • amount - The new total order amount, including all shipping/tax amounts added in
  • shippingAmount - The final calculated shipping amount
  • taxAmount - The final calculated tax amount


Request URL:
POST Body:

  "orderId": "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111",
  "merchantReference": "ref",
  "callbackUrl": ""