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When testing Virtual Checkout in non-production scenarios, there are a few key points that will help you get through the Zip checkout flow easily and consistently.
  • When the checkout launches, you can choose Force New Customer after entering your phone number. This will allow you to have the new customer user experience and bypass some test approval rules.

  • If you do not have a US phone number, you may use a free SMS service. If you google "receive SMS free," you'll find a number of free services with temporary phone numbers that you can use for your testing.

You can use the following test card data:

FieldTest Data
Phone A US-based mobile phone number. You may use VOIP services for development if needed.
Email Can be a real or fake valid email address (‘’ for fake)
Verification Code Code received via SMS
Name Anything
Address Anything valid
Birthdate Anything 22+ years old
Billing Address Anything valid
Card Holder Name Anything
Card Number 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiration date 02/22
CVC 222

Virtual Card Transactions

The virtual card that is issued in our sandbox environment is not a card that can be charged via card network rails. You must use the production environment to be issued a valid virtual card that you can authorize/capture/refund against through the card network.

If your gateway/psp supports testing with distinct card values in its sandbox, Zip offers a method to force a card response in onComplete. This will not serve as complete end-to-end testing, as the activity will not flow through the card network to Zip, but will allow testing within your internal gateway/psp connections. Through the use of the below JavaScript code in either your test scripting, or directly through the console after the page has loaded, you can have a gateway/psp valid test card returned from Zip that you can then process through the gateway/psp sandbox.

///set a predefined card
const testCard = {
    number: '4444111122223333',
    cvc: 123,
    expirationMonth: '01',
    expirationYear: '2031',

For a standard implementation, we suggest working with the sandbox environment to build the integration. Once complete and certified by Zip, you can update your test environment to use the quadpay.js production environment to perform card network transactions. If you are not able to connect to our production environment in your non-production environment, there are strategies around query flags, A/B testing, and more that you can utilize to support production roll-out and testing.