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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a pay-on-ship merchant. Will this integration work for me?

Yes! Being that it's a standard Visa card, we are able to handle both multiple authorizations and captures.

Since this processes like a standard Visa card, how can I reconcile the orders in my system with the ones Zip processed?

As part of the integration, you are required to set a merchantReference attribute for each checkout. This identifier will be available in our reporting that you can use to link up which Visa orders in your system are Zip virtual checkout orders.

Can the customer apply a gift card or voucher code to a Zip order?

Yes! You can apply the discount to the order and then set the final order amount as an attribute on the Zip button.

What are the authorization and settlement windows?

Merchants must capture part of the order in 7 days at the very latest or reauthorize. And Merchants have 13 days from the order date to complete all captures to coincide with the customer's 2nd Zip installment on day 14.

Can I reuse the virtual card for future customer purchases?

No. Every card generated is unique per transaction. A customer should go through the Zip checkout for each purchase to get a new virtual card to use.

How do I prevent the card from being charged by other merchants?

All of our virtual cards are locked down to your merchant's network information. We decline all credit card transactions unless they come directly from you.

What address do I use for the billing address?

There are a couple of addresses at play with the virtual checkout. The cardholder will contain address information that is associated with the issued virtual Visa card. You will want to use this for the billing address so that authorizations against that card will succeed. You do not need to save this address as it will be sent each time a virtual card is issued. Additionally, we pass the customer's address they provided to Zip via the customer object. You can use this information should you wish to save additional customer details in your system.

When does the customer starting paying their payment plan?

Customers always have 25% (the first installment amount) authorized on their card when they go through the checkout. If the purchase isn't completed for some reason, this transaction is cancelled and the hold on those funds is removed. This also takes 13 days currently, but may be adjusted to happen sooner. The actual payment plan will start processing as soon as there is an authorization against the issued card.

Is there a static BIN range that your virtual cards use?

Yes, there is a BIN range that we can share to be whitelisted with your fraud tools.