Activate the Zip payment gateway

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Activate the Zip payment method

Add the Zip payment method

  1. In the Neto admin dashboard, navigate to Settings & Tools > Payment Methods
  2. Click 'Add payment method'
  1. Select 'Zip'
  1. Scroll down to your primary Zip product (either Zip Pay OR Zip Money).
  1. Once you have located your Zip product, click Complete Setup


Only activate one version of Zip

Make sure you only activate the Zip product that is the primary Zip product your account has been set up for. If you are unsure please refer to your letter of offer.

Configure the Zip gateway

  1. Switch on the "Active/Enabled" and "Show on Website" toggle switches.
  2. In the "Zip payment gateway API key" field, paste your Zip Web-store Key, that is found in your Zip Merchant Dashboard.


What keys do I use? 🔑

Log in to your Zip merchant dashboard to locate your keys

  • Private key (web-store key)
  • Public key

  1. Click "Save"