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Adding the Zip strip banner

The JavaScript Library is a key component of the Zip web assets integration. It’s used to manage the communication between your website and the Zip default assets functionality. The JavaScript Library will render the content in the placements tags and not adding it to your site will mean the assets are not loaded.

In order to activate the Zip strip banner you need to add the HTML snippet with all the required attributes to deliver the correct message for your website. This will be the container where the Zip Javascript library will inject the messaging.
<div zm-asset="stripbanner" 
     data-zm-merchant="{put the merchant_public_key here}"
data-zm-merchantZip public merchant id

Required for AU stores only
zm-assetTo specify which version of Zip widget to displayFor ZipPay/ZipMoney:
data-zm-regionTo specify the product price when the widget is implemented in product pagesau - Australia
nz - New Zealand
data-zm-languageUsed to specify the language of the taglineen