Settlement Reports

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Disbursements & Settlement

Use the Disbursement Summary to understand the settled funds from Zip

Disbursements Summary

Disbursement Summary

Partner disbursement summaries are emailed at midnight each day.

The summary will detail any orders placed and refunded, the total Merchant Services Fee (MSF) withheld on the disbursement and the payment advice.

If you require that the Summary be emailed to multiple email addresses, please contact Merchant Experience at [email protected]


The Invoice Number on the Disbursement Summary will match the transaction description as shown in your bank account.

Disbursement Reports

Should you require a breakdown of MSF per transaction, you will need to generate a Disbursement Report. To generate a report, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Admin tile from the homepage of the dashboard.

  2. Click the Reports tile where you can:

  • Opt-in to have the disbursement reports sent to you daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Generate & download a CSV disbursement disbursement report for any given period up to 3 months.


If you require a report showing over 3 months of transactions, please contact Merchant Experience.



The report will include the following fields:

The report will include;

  • Disbursement ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Merchant ID & Name
  • Branch ID & Name
  • Transaction Amount
  • Merchant Fee
  • Merchant Transaction Fee
  • Zip Order ID
  • Reference

Settlement FAQs

  • When will I receive payment?
    We settle all transactions you perform during a 24 hour period in one disbursement (midnight AEST to following midnight AEST). The settlement is batched at midnight, and funds will be processed the following business day.



All transactions you process at anytime on Monday will be settled on Tuesday and the funds will be processed on that day. Depending on your bank, you will receive the settlement on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

  • How do refunds affect my disbursement?
    When a refund is processed to a customer, the funds will instantly return to their account. The total amount refunded will then be withheld from future disbursements until the total amount owed has been paid out in full.



If on any given day you process an order of $200.00 and a refund of $100.00, you will receive a settlement of $100.00 (not including any MSF charges).

  • How do I update my payment details?
    To update your payment details, please email Merchant Experience at [email protected] and provide a scanned bank statement header to verify the new Account Name, BSB Number and Account Number.

Should you not receive statements, please provide a screen grab of your account details as shown on your online banking.

Please ensure that you email Zip from an email address associated with your Zip merchant account.