Create an Order

Creating an Order

See steps below on creating orders from the Zip Merchant Dashboard.

Creating an order takes seconds. This process can be used for instore Merchants or for processing orders over the phone. Your customer will need to be signed into their Zip account on a mobile phone to provide a Customer Store Code.

If your customer does not have a Zip account, they can apply on the spot at

To create an order:

  1. Click the Create Order tile from the homepage of the dashboard.

  2. Scan or enter the customer's 6 digit code and purchase price. You can add a reference number if you use them to support your reconciliation or leave this field blank.

  3. Click 'Create Order' and your customer will need confirm the amount on their Zip account. Once confirmed, the sale will finalise.

How to Generate a Customer Store Code

A customer can generate a customer store code by completing the following steps:
  1. Log into their Zip account on a mobile device.
  2. Select the Instore icon from the homepage of their account.
  3. A barcode and 6 digit code will appear on the customer's account for the Merchant to scan/input.



The customer store code is valid for 5 minutes.

Create an Order Using In-store Code and Interest Free Period

If your customer has a Zip Money account, you may have the option to select an interest free period from the drop down menu, depending on your account configuration.

If your customer has a Zip Pay account, the Interest Free Period will show as 'Interest Free Always'