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The JavaScript Library is a key component of the Zip web assets integration. It’s used to manage the communication between your website and the Zip default assets functionality. The JavaScript Library will render the content in the placements tags and not adding it to your site will mean the assets are not loaded.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Zips Smart Messaging widget can be used to add a payment tagline, pop-up modal and Zip Logo to your product and cart pages.
The widget will dynamically update the repayment message based on the price of the items on the page:

Zip Pay - Helps people balance their everyday spending for orders under $1000
Zip Money - Helps people pay for their next step in life for orders over $1,000

Product page messaging implementation

<div style="cursor:pointer" 
     data-zm-merchant="insert your AU merchant public key here or leave empty for other regions"      
     data-zm-price="insert product price here" 

Here is a list of the attributes available to activate the messaging:

data-zm-merchantZip merchant public key

Required for AU stores only
Zip Merchant Dashboard
data-zm-assetTo specify which version of Zip widget to displayFor ZipPay/ZipMoney:
data-zm-regionTo specify the country/region of the store where the widget is implementedau - Australia
nz - New Zealand
data-zm-priceTo specify the product price when the widget is implemented in product pages with JS variableExample: data-zm-price="{{MyProductPrice}}"
data-zm-price-maxTo specify the maximum order value for Zip orders (NZ Only)Example: data-zm-price-max="1500"
data-zm-price-minTo specify the minimum order value for Zip orders (NZ Only)Example: data-zm-price-min="20"
data-zm-symbolUsed to customise the currency symbolExample: data-zm-symbol="NZ$"
data-zm-languageUsed to specify the language of the taglineen