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New Zealand - Install and configure payment method

What country are you in?

Make sure you have selected the correct integration guide that matches your region. Due to the way our Shopify integration works, we have individual versions of our gateway that serve each country that Zip is supported in.

This guide outlines the steps to install the Zip-Shopify payment app for New Zealand stores.

Obtain your merchant credentials

To integrate Zip into your New Zealand Shopify website, you will need the following Zip Merchant Credentials:

  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret

Install the Zip payment app

  1. Install NZ payment app →

  2. Select the Shopify store you wish to install Zip.

  3. You should be presented with the screen shown below. Click "Install app"

  1. When prompted to the Zip setup page, please input the ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ provided by us into the appropriate fields then click ‘Save’.

  1. You should then be presented with this page. Click 'Activate Zip - NZ' to complete the integration



If you have sandbox API keys for testing purposes, please toggle to sandbox and input them here.

  1. If the integration has been completed successfully you will then receive this message on the next screen

Note: If you have used production keys, "Enable test mode" cannot be selected


Test your integration

Once you have completed the integration it is recommended you verify that this working correctly.

To validate the installation simply run through a test order on your website, select Zip at checkout, if you are redirected to the Zip login screen you have completed the integration correctly. Note: Test mode must NOT be enabled for this test.