Process a Remote Order

Process a Remote Order

What is a Remote Order?

If your customer is not instore, you can use the Remote Order tile to process a transaction. The Remote Order tile can also be used if your customer does not yet have a Zip account and would like to apply with an order attached.



Remote orders work best when you need to send you customer a quote or they have booked an appointment over the phone.*

Creating a Remote Order

  1. Click the Remote Order tile from the homepage of the dashboard.

  2. Complete the fields, including:

  • Purchase price
  • Order reference
  • Customer Details
  • Notes on the order (you may choose to leave this blank)
  1. Click Send Order. The customer will receive both an email & SMS instructing them to log into their Zip account and authorise the payment. If your customer does not yet have a Zip account, they will click and complete their Zip application. If they are approved they can confirm their order right after.

  2. Upon confirmation, the order status in the dashboard will update to authorised. Refer to 'Processing an Authorised Sale' to learn how to finalise the order.




  • If the payment is not completed within 14 days from being sent, it will expire.
  • The details must match exactly what is on the customer's Zip account, do not use third party details.