Create a Remote Order

Process a Remote Order


What is a Remote Order?

If your customer is not with you instore, they can still pay with Zip by using the Remote Order function. The Remote Order tile can also be used if your customer does not yet have a Zip account and would like to apply with an order already in mind.

Sending a Remote Order

  1. Click ‘Create Order’
  2. Tick the 'no' box for ‘Does the customer have an in-app barcode?’
  3. Enter in the full order price, interest period and the customer details.
  4. Add an optional reference and click ‘Send Order’.
  5. The customer will receive both an email & SMS from Zip with an order link.
Existing Zip customerNot yet a Zip customer
1. Click the link, sign into their existing account
2. Review the order details and confirm the purchase.
1. Click the link, select 'Create an account'
2. Complete Zip application with the limit needed for the order that was sent
3. Receive an outcome in minutes, accept Zip account contract
4. Review order details and confirm the purchase.



The contact details must match exactly what is on the customer’s Zip account, please do not use third-party details.
For customer security, Zip does not store customer contact information on the dashboard.


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Once the customer has read and accepted the terms of the order, it will be deducted from their available funds and will appear as 'Pending' in their account.

In your Zip Dashboard, you will now see this as 'Authorised'.

In this state, the customers’ interest-free period will not commence and they are not required to make repayments until the payment has been processed.


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Please note that once accepted these orders will be ‘Authorised’ and require you to process them accordingly. Zip will not disburse the funds for an authorised order until it is completed.
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