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Create a store tile

Details on how to create a store tile for the Zip stores directory page.

Make your brand stand out on our Shop Directory and create your own branded store tile.

The details you provide will be used to Zip to market your brand and help drive traffic to your website or send shoppers in-store.

Step 1: Uploading Your Store Tile

There are three steps to complete & submit your store tile. 1. Inputting details about your business. 2. Uploading an image for your tile. 3. Uploading your business logo.

To upload your store tile you will require two brand assets:

  • A Background Image: This is a lifestyle image that best represents your store you should find and save a selection of images that reflect your brand.

  • Business Logo: This should be in .png format, be all white in colour with a transparent background.


Common Mistakes when Uploading a Store Tile

  • Logo does not have a transparent background
  • Lifestyle or product image is not used
  • Logo is coloured (not all white)
  • Image and logo are uploaded together - not separately.

To access the store tile builder, click the **Admin **tile from the homepage of the dashboard and click the **Store Profile** tile.

Complete the required business details fields, including:

  • Display Name
  • Store URL (ensure to put 'https://' in front of your website URL)
  • Whether your business operates online and/or in-store
  • A short description about your business (think of this as your "pitch")
  • A long description highlighting what products and services your business offers

Once you have completed your business profile, scroll down and upload in **two separate steps**: - Your background image. This should fit to be 800x640px min and in .png or .jpg format. - Your business logo. This will need to white all white with no fine font or background.

The dashboard will allow you to make adjustments, including a cropping or resizing feature to get your tile looking just right.


When you are happy with your profile and store tile, click submit. It may take up to two business days for your tile to be reviewed. This review is essential to ensure customers get the best possible experience when browsing the Shop Directory.


HELP: If you require assistance with uploading your tile, reach out to our Merchant Experience team at [email protected] Ensure to include both your image and logo in the email.

Step 2. Selecting Your Store Categories

Once your tile is built, you are ready to select your store directory categories! The categories you select will allow customers to quickly find your business in the Zip store directory.

To select your categories, click the **Admin **tile from the homepage of the dashboard and then select the **Store Categories** tile.

To ensure your business is found correctly in searches, only select the categories and subcategories that are most relevant to the products and services your business provides. You can choose up to 30 subcategories, that fall into 3 primary categories.

Once you have selected all relevant categories, click Save.