Introducing Zips Smart Messaging

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Zip Smart Messaging

Introducing Zip Smart Messaging

With one integration, we’ll seamlessly switch between Zip Pay or Zip Money instalment messaging to ensure customers are seeing the most compelling message based on where they’re at in their shopper journey.

Simply enable Zip’s smart messaging on your site and we’ll do the rest.

Why use Zip Smart Messaging?

Zip smart messaging is continually optimised to increase conversion rates, average order value and ensure your site stays compliant with regulation updates. So you can sit back and relax in the confidence that your site is always supercharged for success!

By using Zip’s smart messaging we’ll take the hard work out of staying up-to-date with regulation and product updates.

What is Zip Smart Messaging?

In a nutshell, Zip Smart Messaging dynamically switches between Zip Pay and Zip Money messaging depending on the product price a customer is looking at. Furthermore, if your business offers extended interest free terms to customers, say 6, 12, 18, 24 or 48 months, the smart messaging will recalculate the repayment breakdown a customer will see.

This messaging is supported by a product specific pop up modal via ⓘ icon that ensures all the important product information and regulatory information is easily accessible to customers.

When a customer is looking at a product under $1,000 we’ll show them Zip Pay messaging:

And, when they are looking at a product over $1,000 we’ll show them Zip Money instalment messaging: