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United Kingdom - Install and configure payment method

What country are you in?

Make sure you have selected the correct integration guide that matches your region. Due to the way our Shopify integration works, we have individual versions of our gateway that serve each country that Zip is supported in.

This guide outlines the steps to install the Zip-Shopify payment app for United Kingdom stores.

Obtain your merchant credentials

It is recommended that you obtain your Zip Merchant ID before installing the Zip payment app in your Shopify store. Follow these steps to access your Zip Merchant ID:

  1. Login to the Zip Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings in the menu
  3. Copy the Merchant ID

Install the Zip payment app

  1. Install UK payment app →

  2. Select the Shopify store you wish to install Zip.

  3. You should be presented with the screen shown below. Click "Install app"

  1. You will be directed to the installation experience where you will be presented with a screen to confirm if you have a Zip merchant account. Select the first option if you have been accredited with a merchant account in Zip United Kingdom and then enter the merchant ID obtained from the Zip merchant dashboard and hit Continue .

  1. Once your credential has been validated you will be directed to the last step of the process. Click on the Activate Zip (UK) to enable the payment option at checkout.



DO NOT enable test mode. This will not work if you entered a live/production merchant ID in the installation process



Test your integration

Once you have completed the integration it is recommended you verify that this working correctly.

To validate the installation simply run through a test order on your website, select Zip at checkout, if you are redirected to the Zip login screen you have completed the integration correctly. Note: Test mode must NOT be enabled for this test.